Mrs. Hercule's 2nd Period Honors Multicultural Literature Course

Week 0 (August 21 - August 25)
CW: Syllabus Expectations, Summer HW Quiz, Literary Term Pre-test
Due Wed., Aug 23 (A Day) or Tues., Aug. 29 (B Day) - Signed Syllabus

Due Mon., Aug. 28 (A Day) or Tues., Aug. 29 (B Day) - "Superman & Me" + Response

Beginning Week 1 (August 28 - September 1) ALL Honors students will need to use their Muchin email addresses to register for Google Classroom
Use the add codes below for your section:
2A - 1ai5ne
2B - 3dbn0zg

All Honors assignments are posted to Google Classroom beginning August 28