Class of 2020:

Supply List:

Algebra 1:

Algebra 1 (FORM A):

Honors Geometry:

Multi-Cultural Literature:

Multi-Cultural Literature (FORM A):

Honors Multi-Cultural Literature:


Biology (FORM A):

AP Human Geography:

2020 School Supply List:

Class of 2019:

Supply List:

World Literature:

World Literature (FORM A):

Honors World Literature:


Geometry (FORM A):

Links for Submission (FOR EVERYONE):
Summer Homework 1 (Suggested due date: Monday, June 27th, 2016)

Summer Homework 2 (Suggested due date: Monday, July 11th, 2016)

NEW LINKS FOR ASSIGNMENT #3 and #4! If you submitted your homework before July 5th, you MUST RESUBMIT in order to receive a grade.

Summer Homework 3 (Suggested due date: Monday July 25th, 2016)

Summer Homework 4 (Suggested due date: Monday August 8th, 2016)

Honors Algebra 2:

World History:

World History (FORM A):

AP World History:

Chemistry/Environmental Science:

Chemistry/Environmental Science (FORM A):

Honors Chemistry:
- Make sure to get the safety contract SIGNED by a parent!!!

Class of 2018:

Supply List:

American Literature:

American Literature (FORM A):

AP English Language & Composition:
UPDATE: Due to schedule change requests, class logins will be emailed by 6/27/2016. You can request your own log in by visiting with your login. You can use the join code: b893ga.

Algebra 2:

Algebra 2 (FORM A):

Honors Pre-Calculus:

US History:

US History (FORM A):
All FORM A students are required to e-mail Mr. Connolly before they begin (just to introduce yourself!)

AP US History:


Moving Man Questions:

Physics (FORM A):
Moving Man Questions:

AP Chemistry:**

AP Biology:

The second document will provide you with instructions to access the online textbook and homework assignments.

Advanced Spanish:

OneGoal: Ms. Kennedy

Class of 2017:

Supply List:

English 12:

English 12 (FORM A):

AP English Literature:


Pre-Calculus (FORM A):

AP Calculus:
Overview of Summer Homework (includes writing prompts):

Week 1 Multiple Choice:
Due July 10th
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Week 1 Video Link
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Week 2 Multiple Choice:
Due July 24th
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Week 2 Video Link
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Week 3 Multiple Choice:
Due August 7th
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Week 3 Video Link:
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Week 4 Multiple Choice:
Due August 21st
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Week 4 Video Link:
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APA Citations:

AP Psychology:

APA Citations:

Psychology (FORM A):

APA Citations:

AP US Comparative Politics:

AP Physics:

AP Chemistry:

AP Biology:

AP Spanish: