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Community Service Approval Form
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Log Hours and Reflect on Your Service
NightSchool CS Check-In (SY16-17)
Summer School Syllabus

Group Service Opportunities
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SimpleSWBAT connect with an organization that allows for simple service that makes a differenceConsistentSWBAT develop a relationship with one organization and consistently serve themMeaningfulSWBAT make an actual difference for the community through the organization they are servingEducationalSWBAT take their learning outside of the classroom and change through the experience of serving
questions: servantleader@muchincollegeprep.orgRules of thumb:- UNPAID: the place you serve must not pay you for it. - UNRELATED: you can not serve anywhere that is run by a relative- LEGIT: your service will be verified, thus be honest and serve at a real place for real time- VALID SUPERVISOR: your supervisor needs to have a private/organization email address (not a gmail).
Hour Requirements :
Semester 1
Semester 2
Student FAQ's:
  • What if my supervisor doesn't have a private/organization email?
    • Make sure you get a business card, letter on letterhead or other piece of information that demonstrates professionalism.
  • What if I forget to take the APPROVAL FORM? Or if I lose it?
    • Without submitting the Approval Form AND Logging Hours, your service hours will not be approved.
    • If you take the form back to the Supervisor and have them fill it out, then you will be ok - but all within 1 month after the service was done.
  • Can I serve anywhere?
    • Yes. As long as it meets the requirements of being unpaid, unrelated, legit and with a valid supervisor!
  • When I go to serve, who do I talk to?
    • You should call ahead and arrange a time to serve. At that point ask who you will talk to that day.
  • What should my reflection include?
    • 150 word paragraph including: a meaningful experience you had while serving, elaborate on the organizations purpose, talk about how your service helped the organization.
  • When do I submit my hours?
    • Within 1 month of doing your service.